Praesidium SA Fund

The Praesidium SA Fund was launched in December 2003 and has one of the longest track records in South African Fund history to November 2011. After a 23 month Manager sabbatical, a revised mandate was incubated using the manager’s proprietary capital. Following a successful incubation period, the fund was opened to outside investors in August 2014. The new mandate aims to provide investors with a targeted return on their capital by implementing a focused investment strategy. Driven by proprietary research, the fund makes concentrated investments in companies that are based in growing industries, have management teams that exhibit ambition, business acumen, and, above all, are founded on intelligence and integrity. A more flexible fund mandate in the hands of an experienced investment management team provides a great opportunity for investors and high net worth individuals to earn outsized investment returns. The fund has the ability to combine both long and short positions in order to generate profits in up and down markets and makes use of derivatives in order to protect capital and to enhance returns. The fund specifically targets very high returns and therefore carries high risk.

Salient Features

Inception date:December 2003
Sabbatical: November 2011 - November 2013
New Mandate: November 2013
Minimum investment: ZAR 1 million
Management fees: 1% p.a.
Performance fees: 20% (above hurdle)
Entry fees: Zero
Exit fees:Zero
Lockup: Minimum of 12 months
Notice Period: 2 months
High water mark: Yes
Hurdle rate: Standard Bank Deposit Rate
Prime Broker: Peregrine Securities (Pty) Ltd
Administrator: Investment Data Services (Pty) Ltd
Auditor: PricewaterhouseCoopers