African Investments

Praesidium Capital Management recognizes the opportunity that exists in the African markets and was an early investor in Sofala Capital. Sofala Capital is a boutique credit venture capital and asset management firm which builds entrepreneurial credit businesses in African markets.

Zambian Home Loans

Sofala Capital is the promoter and founding shareholder of Zambian Home Loans (‘ZHL’), a company set up to pioneer the provision of housing finance in Zambia. ZHL operates on the premise that, contrary to western models, owner-managed housing construction with local labour teams is the cheapest and most efficient route to housing construction in Zambia. ZHL provides clients who own land and are in the process of building their homes with both mortgage finance and a range of consulting services designed to lower the risk of the home building process. In this venture, Sofala Capital has partnered with Investrust Bank Plc, a Zambian-listed bank, and African Life Financial Services, the largest private pension fund administrator in Zambia. For more information on ZHL visit

African Credit Fund

Sofala Capital is an Investment Advisor to the African Credit Fund (“African Credit”), a segregated account of the African Opportunities Fund SAC Ltd, domiciled in Bermuda and managed by Altree Capital. African Credit is focused on providing structured credit solutions to niche, African financial institutions. It looks for early stage credit providers that have developed some form of competitive advantage in their local markets through their superior product design or smart use of technology. African Credit can provide mezzanine as well as senior finance. For further information contact or

Currency Risk Management Services

Sofala Capital provides African cross-currency swaps and forwards in almost all African local currencies against the US$, Rand or EUR. For businesses investing into Africa from offshore we are able to tailor swaps and forwards (up to 20 year tenors) that mitigate currency risk against either floating or fixed local benchmarks. We work with a group of large risk management partners and consequently have few constraints in terms of size or tenor of swaps. For further information contact

For more information on Sofala Capital please visit