Mark Everdij

photoMark200x300“Less is more”

Mark began his career in financial markets in 1989 when he started working on the European Option Exchange for Amsterdam Option Traders (“AOT”) trading options and futures on equities and indices. Shortly thereafter he joined the AOT team in Paris, working on the Paris Option Exchange. In 1996, after 3 years in the United States trading derivatives on the various exchanges, Mark relocated to South Africa and has never looked back. With his wealth of international experience, Mark joined Standard Corporate and Merchant Bank trading in options and futures. Thereafter he joined Brait Merchant Bank where he ran the proprietary derivatives book, trading in equities, index futures and their related derivatives.

Early in 2003 he left the corporate world and has spent the last 10 years as an independent trader, managing his own money and a small number of exclusive private accounts. More recently Mark has joined the Praesidium team and with his 26 years of trading experience, is well-placed as an investor and manager of the Praesidium SA Fund.

less is more

Mark Everdij