About us

Praesidium Capital Management was founded in 2003 as a boutique alternative asset manager with a primary focus on fund management.

Praesidium is the Latin word for protection or defense and embodies our investment philosophy. We seek to protect and grow investment capital by compounding superior returns over the longer term.

Always striving to be at the cutting edge of the fund management industry, our mandate allows us to make use of the full array of financial tools and instruments in order to generate consistently positive returns for our investors and, most importantly, to protect capital in times of uncertainty. Across our team, we cover derivatives, equities (both Listed and Private) as well as off-market and more exotic investments. With a focus on South Africa, our reach extends into the African continent. We also advise and assist in raising further capital for our investment companies and have assisted in the listing of several companies on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

Through focused investment strategy and research, we aim to earn investment returns by taking calculated risks at the appropriate times. Our objective is to provide positive returns regardless of market direction.